The Cobbler’s Children Finally Got Some Shoes

27 June 2017 / By Allen Eichler

Have you heard the expression, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes?” The adage, which dates back to John Heywood’s 1546 book of proverbs, is basically about not taking care of those closest.

Perhaps there’s another element to the story. One of separating work and home life. Yes, perhaps the cobbler was just too tired of making shoes all day to make more for his own kids, but maybe it was more about context. Making shoes was something he did in his professional life to earn money.

Before I justify any further, I’ll admit it. I appreciate the irony of running a digital agency for a decade with nothing more than a logo for a website. Dynamic Vine has always been a vehicle for us to help people grow their businesses. We didn’t do any marketing of our own, just word-of-mouth / friend referrals. Whenever we got fired-up to build a website, it was for a client.

Well, after a decade of helping other companies get their digital presence working for them, we finally decided to build a website of our own (aka no longer barefoot).

Of course, in our case, there’s the added pressure for a digital agency to make a great website (which may have also contributed to the procrastination). Yet, a colleague of mine used to say, don’t let “Great” be the enemy of “Good”. So we start with a good website instead of waiting for a great one. As I would tell my clients, “It’s better than what you have up there now.”

Besides, as a living document, it can always get better.